Louisville Kennel Club Objectives

The Louisville Kennel Club promotes and encourages the breeding and showing of purebred dogs of all breeds.  It does all in its power to protect and advance the interest of all breeds of purebred dogs and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows.


Two all-breed shows and obedience trials are held annually in March.  In addition, the club puts on a Sanctioned Match once a year under the rules of the American Kennel Club.  The Match offers classes for purebred puppies from three to twelve months of age and for purebred adults dogs one year and older.  Matches provide a valuable experience for new Club members; novice dogs owners, your puppies or inexperienced young dogs.

The Louisville Kennel Club recognizes its responsibility to the community by offering education programs to the general public; such as demonstrations, school programs and information booth at local events.

Conformation training classes are conducted on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, in the evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at BLINDS DIRECT 11177 Bluegrass Parkway Louisville KY 40299, which are on a walk-in bases and are open to the public.  All dogs must be on a lead and under control.  Immunizations must be current.  These training sessions build confidence in both dog and handler as actual ring conditions are simulated.

For information contact Chris Swartz, crookedroofrr@windstream.net