Louisville Kennel Club Constitution

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Membership Application

How to become a member of the Louisville Kennel Club

Membership in the Louisville Kennel Club is available to persons 18 years or older, who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and will agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Louisville Kennel Club.

The applicant must be sponsored by two LKC members in good standing, from different households. One sponsor must have known the applicant for at least one year. You must attend at least one LKC meeting prior to your third reading. You must agree to a home visit from our Membership Committee, at a mutually agreeable time, prior to your final reading.

Our membership dues are $15 per person. Read the membership application and the LKC Code of Ethics carefully. Applicant must personally complete and sign both forms. Attach your check to the application and have on of your sponsors submit it to the LKC Secretary.

Click here for the LKC membership application as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file

Click here for the LKC Code of Ethics as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file